Mines provides wireless 802.11ac networks throughout campus, in the academic buildings and residence halls.  The names of the networks are CSMwireless, CSMguest, and eduroam.

CSMwireless serves all Mines community members.  In order to connect to CSMwireless the computer, specifically the wireless card MAC address, needs to be registered with ITS.  Register my computer. The wireless network card also needs to be set for DHCP IP addressing, almost always the default setting. Please locate the instructions for your particular operating system here: System settings.

CSMguest serves all non-Mines community members.  For information on how to connect see Guest Access.

eduroam serves all members of https://www.eduroam.org/.  For information on how to connect see eduroam.

Access to the wireless network may be turned off due to a virus infection on your computer. If we have turned off your network access due to a virus, you should receive an e-mail from us providing more information on how to clean and patch your machine.  If you require assistance cleaning and patching your computer, please send mail to consultants@mines.edu and schedule a time to work with a consultant.