Personal Web Sites

As of Fall 2018, the process for requesting a Mines personal homepage has changed….



Colorado School of Mines now offers all faculty, staff, and students the ability to create a personal website in our new WordPress-based web environment — called People,

If you would like to make use of the new People personal-homepage service, please follow these steps:

  1. Please read our Appropriate Use Policy at:
    Proceeding further presumes your agreement to this policy.
  2. In your browser, navigate to and login once with your Mines MultiPass credentials. (If you are a DUO multi-factor-authentication user, you will need to respond to that prompt.) This will create an initial account on the People server.
  3. Submit a Mines Help Center support request at to let us know you’re interested in a personal website and have completed Steps 1 and 2. We will create a generic “sample” site for you and give you permissions to edit it. Information on editing your new website is available here: Some general information about WordPress may be found at
  4. When you have successfully completed editing your homepage and it is ready for viewing, let us know by replying to your earlier Helpdesk support request. We will then display your name on the People homepage. (Let us know, by responding to your Help Center ticket, if you have any questions along the way.)

The URL of your new personal website will be

You are welcome to modify this format but you must retain Mines branding, including logos, colors, the top header, and the bottom footer with full disclaimer. The owner of the site is responsible for site construction, content, and maintenance — subject to the conditions detailed above.


If you have an existing site at, you may migrate to the new WordPress-based system at any time, should you so desire. WordPress offers a number of advantages over our old personal-homepage system — more versatility in site design, better accessibility for disabled visitors, a modern and professional design, and far easier site editing, among other benefits. And it looks great on a phone!

ITS and Communications and Marketing are available to help with your transition, should you choose to migrate. There is no deadline or requirement to migrate currently but technical limitations in the legacy personal-homepage system make a move to the new WordPress system a good idea. We will be communicating directly with faculty, staff, and students about the many advantages of our WordPress-based system throughout 2019.

If you have an existing site at with elaborate coding or features and you wish to retain your current site, let us know — we may be able to help you transition to a new server and retain your code and features. Tell us your requirements at We’ll see what we can do, given resources that will be available in the future.

Questions? Ask ITS for more details at

We’re looking forward to hearing from you.