Maintaining Your Web Site

Maintaining a web site requires an understanding of the same basic concepts and technologies used to build a site from scratch. Site administrators should understand how to connect to their site’s web server, and how to create and manipulate a web page’s source code. Use the following links to learn how to accomplish these tasks. CONNECTING TO A WEB SERVER




Students, faculty and staff members are encouraged to obtain a personal web site to publish and communicate their interests and contact information. ITS provides the support services for personal web sites. 


This section is deprecated as the CMS mentioned will go away in Oct 2019. New sites are generally managed in WordPress and coordinated by the Communications & Marketing office.

ITS (formerly CCIT) supports a content management system that administers a large number of Mines web sites, including most administrative departments, several academic departments, and a handful of centers and organizations. The CMS provides users with a web-based interface designed to make site management a less technically demanding endeavor; site owners and administrators with no knowledge of HTML, CSS, FTP, etc. can use the CMS to update their sites. The CMS handles design and branding, which helps users focus on content. To inquire about the Mines CMS, submit a Mines Help Center support request. See the Content Management System documentation page for information about how that system works.