[OrePrint] ALERT! <queue name> is going away.

OrePrint is used to communicate with end users about upcoming changes to print queues — this includes migration due to print server changes and queues being retired.

The below message is valid from May 1, 2016 on. If this message becomes obsolete (e.g., replaced by a different message), we will add an end date here.


FROM: oreprint@mines.edu
TO: username@mines.edu
SUBJECT: [OrePrint] ALERT! {old queue name} is going away.
You submitted a job to {old queue name}, which is going away this summer in favor of {new queue name} – your job has been redirected to {new queue name} for output.

Please update your printer mappings, see (remove spaces from link) “http :// ccit . mines . edu / CCIT-OrePrint” for information on how to do so.

Please verify the authenticity of this official CCIT notice by visiting “https :// inside . mines . edu / verify”. Remember to always check messages purporting to be from CCIT.

For any suspicious messages – please do not click through any links or attempt to reply – report them to CCIT, for further investigation, via a Helpdesk ticket (http :// helpdesk . mines . edu).

Thank you,
CCIT Infrastructure Group