Notice Regarding Your Office 365 Account

CCIT System Administrator Silas Korb sent out an email to campus 6 April 2017, advising legacy users of Office 365 that their accounts would be migrating to a new system April 24. Legacy users are advised to back up old account data before that date or lose that data.


SUBJECT: Notice Regarding Your Office 365 Account

You are receiving this message because you have an Office 365 account which is associated with an inactive Colorado School of Mines email address. Mines will soon be implementing a new authentication mechanism which will require all Office 365 users to sign in using current Mines credentials, essentially locking you out of your 365 account.

This change will occur on Monday, April 24th. If you have any files in Office 365 you would like to save, you will need to log in before then and download them to personal storage. If you have paid for a personal subscription to Office 365, you will need to change the primary email address associated with your account to one that is not affiliated with Mines. If you believe you have received this message in error, or need assistance accessing your 365 account, please reply to this email or enter a Mines Helpdesk ticket at

Remember, Mines will never ask for your password, and emails claiming to be from CCIT can be verified at


Silas Korb
Systems Administrator
Colorado School of Mines