October 20, 2014 Student Password Change Email

You are receiving this message because you have still not changed your Mines’ passwords per the instructions you were sent on September 1st, 2014 (pasted below.) You must do this now. Remember, doing this will take you a few minutes. If your account(s) are hacked then not only are you running the risk of losing work – but your access will be disabled for a day or two whilst everything is tidied up. Something like this happening in the middle of finals is not what any of us want to see!

To change your ADIT, Multipass, and Trailhead accounts go to http://newuser.mines.edu/password, if you know your current multipass password, or visit http://newuser.mines.edu/ekey_password/ with your Ekey. If you don’t have either your multipass password or your Ekey please visit the front-desk by CTLM’s computer-commons area.

For your Blackboard (https://blackboard.mines.edu) account: either select “Forgot Your Password” from the login screen or, having logged into Blackboard, select “Personal Information” to change your Blackboard password. Note that recent activity on campus suggests that it is particularly important that your Blackboard password NOT be the same as the one you use for ADIT.

For MyMail: either login to MyMail as usual and select Settings -> Accounts -> Google Account Settings to reset your password, or, using your EKey, visit http://newuser.mines.edu/mymail.

Thank you for your prompt attention,

Phil Romig CISO