Notification from FBI involving Mines’ email addresses [06-OCT-2015]

The FBI has recently shared a listing of Mines’ email addresses. Your email address was included in this list. The source of this data was from “malicious foreign actors” being investigated by the Bureau’s Cyber-Enforcement division.

Be cautious of any messages that may be trying to establish initial contact with you as a target. Do not respond to any unsolicited messages that are asking for further information. Often these targeted campaigns come across much more professionally than the more typical wholesale spam messages: maybe claiming to be from Mines, CCIT, or other individuals you know. Make sure that any time you see a message claiming to be from CCIT, that it’s verified against the webpage – type the following address into your browser : “ccit . mines . edu / verify”. You can always contact CCIT’s Security Office directly, with any questions, by emailing “security @ mines . edu”, or submit a Helpdesk ticket via “helpdesk . mines . edu”.

Related: CCIT is shortly to release a security awareness training course – through collaboration with SANS STH (“Securing the Human”) – in which a range of short video tutorials will be presented to broaden your understanding of cyber-security issues. The expected completion time for these core awareness modules is around 45 minutes to an hour – with optional content being available for perusal, at your leisure. Login is via Mines’ username and password at “https :// sso . securingthehuman . org / mines”.