Verify Account Claim/Welcome [01-MAR-2016]

The below message is valid starting March 1, 2016.
If a new version of this letter is produced and sent to new accepted applicants, students, faculty, staff and affiliates, this version will be given an end date.


FROM: Computing, Communications, and Information Technologies (CCIT)
TO: New Mines Accepted Applicants, Students, Faculty, Staff, and Affiliates
RE: Mines MultiPass Account Claim

Welcome to Mines! You are now eligible to claim your Mines computer account.

This message is being delivered to you via (1) email, (2) application portal message, or (3) paper letter from one of the following Mines offices:
Admissions Office, Financial Aid Office, Office of Graduate Studies, International Student and Scholar Services, Office of International Programs, Registrar’s Office, Mines Human Resources Office, Academic Affairs, or from CCIT.
To confirm that this message is a legitimate communication from CCIT, first open a web browser and type the following URL:      https : / / inside . mines . edu / verify      (type it without the spaces)
then proceed with the steps outlined below.

To begin the Account Claim process, type the URLs below into a web browser:
https : / / inside . mines . edu / CCIT-Account-Claim      (type it without the spaces)
https : / / inside . mines . edu / CCIT-Getting-Started     (type it without the spaces)

If you have trouble with the Account Claim process or the username choices that are offered, let us know at the Mines Help Center “Helpdesk” ( http : / / helpdesk . mines . edu ). Please include your full name, CWID, contact information, and information about the problem.
Again, welcome to Mines!

Computing, Communications, and Information Technologies
Colorado School of Mines
http : / / ccit . mines . edu      (type it without the spaces) 



Please remember that CCIT will never ask you for your password. Nor will we ask you via email to verify your identity or provide identifying information. Email requests for this type of information are usually a scam (also known as phishing). If you get an email asking for personal or account information:

  1. Do not respond to the email message.
  2. Do not click on any provided links.
  3. Report the scam message via Mines Help Center “Helpdesk”:
    http : / / helpdesk . mines . edu      (type it without the spaces)
  4. Delete the message.

More information about computer phishing is available at:
https : / / inside . mines . edu / CCIT-Phishing-Awareness      (type it without the spaces)