June 7, 2011 Google (MyMail) Notice

[June 7, 2011]

Google notice when logging into transitioned accounts within the MyMail.Mines.EDU Google Apps Domain.

Note: This is not in reference to an email but rather a page that is displayed after logging into the account.

Important changes to your account

Your (USER)@mymail.mines.edu account now works more like a full Google Account. Your account is compatible with nearly all Google products,
but your mymail.mines.edu administrator may decide which products are enabled for your account. For tips about using your account after this
transition, visit our Help Center.

Privacy Notice
Google provides such services in conjunction with or on behalf of your domain administrator. Your administrator will have access to your (USER)@mymail.mines.edu account information including your email. For
more information, consult the Google Apps Privacy Notice or your domain administrator’s privacy policy, if one exists. Be careful about what information you choose to put into this account, and if you have multiple accounts with Google, keep an eye on the username that appears at the upper right of most Google services to help ensure that you’re using your intended account. Learn more

You can use a separate personal Google Account for personal activities. If you don’t have a personal Google Account, you can create one now.