[July 15, 2014] Password Change Email

On July 15th Faculty, Students and Staff recieved some version the following email from CCIT (the exact wording varried between students and employees):

You are receiving this email because have not changed your Mines passwords since early April when the Heartbleed security vulnerability resulted in compromised passwords worldwide. Recent malevolent activity on campus suggests that it is critical that you change your passwords as soon as possible. We regret the inconvenience but to protect the institution we must require everyone to change their password immediately. We will be forced to lock accounts for anyone who has not changed their password by July 23.

Four passwords must be changed. These are

MyMail (for students)

In most cases the first 3 can be changed simultaneously to the same password string (see the instructions following this message for important information on how to change these passwords). Blackboard must be changed separately and must be set to a different string.

Please note that we have seen a significant increase in the number of email “phishing” scams targeted at our staff and students. It is critical that everyone remember that Mines will never ask you for your password via email. You should verify any email involving passwords or other sensitive information (including this one) by checking the CCIT webpage. If there is any doubt at all please contact CCIT before responding to any email.

Phil Romig

Interim CIO

(303) 273-3866


The instructions that follow are intended to minimize the disruption that can be caused when multiple devices are accessing the same system with different passwords.

To change ADIT, Multipass and Trailhead passwords simultaneously:

Turn off all devices other than your campus desktop. This includes phones, tablets, laptops and home computers.

From your campus desktop use the link http://newuser.mines.edu/password to change your ADIT, Multipass and Trailhead passwords. You will need to know your Multipass password on this webpage. If you do not know your Multipass password but you originally used newuser to create your accounts, then it is possible that your ADIT password will work here too. If you know your EKey then go to http://newuser.mines.edu/ekey_password/ to use your EKey instead.

If you do not know either your Multipass password or EKey and your ADIT password does not work, then see below for an alternate course of action.

From your campus desktop log into Blackboard and either select Personal Information to change your Blackboard password or select Forgot Your Password from the login screen. Note that recent activity on campus suggests that it is particularly important that your Blackboard password NOT be the same as the one you use for ADIT.

After waiting 15 minutes your password changes should propagate throughout the systems.

One at a time turn on each of your other devices. On each device view your mail and calendar. In each case you will be prompted for your new password. Mapped drives and printers will also have to be reconfigured.

Alternate course of action:

If this process fails or if you do not have/know your EKey, CCIT will have dedicated staff available to assist you with changing your passwords on a walk-in basis through July 18th. We will have one person on duty to assist you from 8:00 – 12:00 and from 1:00 – 4:30 in CTLM 256. Before coming in for assistance, please turn off all devices, per step 1 above.

You can also request a replacement EKey by submitting a request at http://helpdesk.mines.edu.