Upcoming MultiPass Password Expiration

CCIT’s systems send a warning email notifying you that your password will be expiring in the near future and that you need to change it before the expiry date.

The below message is valid from February 1, 2016 through November 20, 2016. The new message is in effect as of November 21, 2016.



FROM:  winlog@mines.edu


Your MultiPass password is expiring at DATE/TIMESTAMP.

BEFORE you change your password, please visit (type into your browser, minus the spaces) “https :// inside . mines . edu / CCIT-Change-Password” for tips and information.

THEN visit (type into your browser, minus the spaces) “https :// identity . mines . edu” to update your password.

Please verify the authenticity of this official CCIT notice by visiting “https :// inside . mines . edu / verify”. Remember to always check messages purporting to be from CCIT.

For any suspicious messages – please do not click through any links or attempt to reply – report them to CCIT, for further investigation, via a Helpdesk ticket (http :// helpdesk . mines . edu).

Thank you,
CCIT Infrastructure Group