CCIT Account Removal Notice

This notice is intended for the CCIT account username: (USERNAME)

During a routine ODS report that CCIT runs periodically this account has been flagged as an account belonging to a person that is not currently a registered student, faculty, staff, or active custom role.

IF you are registered for classes for the current semester or employed by the school please contact us immediately. Information provided by the ODS reports does not distinguish between regular employees, transitional, emeritus, contractual, or students. It is possible that you are categorized as one of the above and that our records simply need to be changed to reflect this status.

Only currently registered students, staff, faculty, emeritus, and Mines associates are eligible for e-mail accounts on the Colorado School of Mines maintained or hosted e-mail systems. Because you do not appear to be in the above categories, your e-mail and other accounts on the CCIT internal or hosted servers will be removed on X/XX/XX. This includes all @Mines.EDU e-mail, @MyMail.Mines.EDU e-mail, and all other Colorado School of Mines CCIT maintained accounts.

Once suspended, any e-mail sent to your @Mines.EDU and/or @MyMail.Mines.EDU address will be rejected. All messages, contacts, and other data stored in your account will be removed. You will be responsible for any backups of account data contained within your Mines or MyMail accounts. We do not keep copies of messages and CANNOT restore account data once the account is removed. Even if you return at some point in the future we will NOT have copies of your data. Please make the appropriate backups!