Telecom Services for Students

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Sign-up and Instruction Forms

Telecom Service Options

Residence Halls & Mines Park

Mines provides courtesy phones on each floor of the school’s residence halls. These phones allow emergency and local dialing to students at no cost.

Courtesy phones are also available throughout Mines Park. In addition, students living in Mines Park may request in-room phone service from the Mines Telecommunications Team using this form. Note that if you do request phone service you must provide your own phone.

Using Mines Phone Service

The Mines Telecommunications Team services all campus telephone lines. To dial another campus phone, simply dial the four digit extension number. A “9” must be dialed to access an outside line. Please note that the Denver metro area has ten-digit dialing and you must include the area code, currently 303 or 720, when placing a local call.

Students may make long distance/international calls from any campus telephone by using a third party calling card. Access to third party carriers is available through toll-free (800, 866, 877, and 888) numbers provided by the third party carrier along with the appropriate instructions.

The one exception to both of these requirements is the 911 emergency access number, which is always a direct-dial number. The campus telephone system also sends the ANI (Automatic Number Identification) and location information to the PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point). In this case, the City of Golden 911 dispatcher is notified whenever a 911 call is placed from any campus telephone. Students are welcome to bring their own telephone equipment. Caller ID is included but students will need to bring or purchase their own Caller ID box.

CSM has four direct exchanges within the telephone system:

  • 303-273-3000 through 3999 (Administration/Faculty/Staff)
  • 303-384-2000 through 2999 (Administration/Faculty/Staff)
  • 303-869-5000 through 5999 (Mines Park, Fraternities and Sororities)
  • 303-215-6100 through 6539 (Reserved for Future Growth)
Residence Halls: Using Your Single Line Telephone
  • Dial Local Calls: Lift handset, dial 9 + Area Code + local number.
  • Dial Long Distance/International Dialing: Attain a calling card from any service provider.
  • Service problems, information and questions: If you have service problems, contact your floor RA. For telephone, long distance and voicemail information or questions, contact the Mines Telecommunications Center at
Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I want to use another long distance company. Can I have my long distance carrier changed on my phone?
Answer: Access to alternate Long Distance Carriers is now provided via, 800, 866, 877, or 888 numbers. Your alternate long distance carrier should provide these numbers. You must then follow the alternate carrier’s instructions for placing your calls.
NOTE: You may set up an account with an alternative carrier using your home address and home telephone number. You may *not* use your residence hall room telephone number.

Question: I was trying to make a call and the 911 emergency operator came on the phone and asked what my emergency was. Then the Mines police showed up. Why?
Answer: Anytime you miss-dial 911, the 911 emergency operator will come on the line. It is very important for you to stay on the line and tell the operator that you do not have any emergency. You then need to dial CSM Campus Police at 3333 and tell the dispatcher that you do not have an emergency. Otherwise, a Mines Police Officer will be dispatched to your room.

Question: How do I dial local calls?
Answer: Lift the handset, dial 9 + Area code + local number.

Question: How do I make long distance calls?
Answer: Attain a calling card from any service provider.

Question: How do I make international calls?
Answer: Attain a calling card from any service provider.