Zoom Chat at Mines

Welcome to Zoom Chat, an official Mines online service from ITS. Not only is Zoom great for audio and video web conferencing, it also lets you chat and instant message. In fact, Zoom Chat is now the official Mines chat service. Use it to quickly contact colleagues all over campus who are also running Zoom. (For best results, have everyone in your department install and log into the new Zoom service for instant communications between group members.)

To get started:

  1. Download and install the Zoom app for your iOS or Android tablet or phone.
  2. Or, visit https://its.mines.edu/zoom/ and follow the instructions there to download the Zoom client for your Windows or macOS laptop or desktop.

Note: The Zoom Chat function is available in all Zoom apps but not in the web-only interface.

To chat using Zoom Chat, start the app and use your MultiPass credentials to log in.

When you log into Zoom on your main computer you’ll see something like this, allowing you to join and schedule video and voice conferences and chat with others in the Mines community. Select the “Chats” option at bottom-right to start your chat session. (Zoom on your iPhone, Android phone, or tablet will look a bit different but works similarly. Just pick the “Meet & Chat” option at bottom-left instead.)

In the “Search” or “Jump to chat…” box on the next screen (depending on which app version you’re using), start typing the name of the person you wish to contact.

Colleagues with Zoom access will appear. Users currently online and instantly available will show a green notation to the right of the name. Select the user you wish to contact and begin your chat session.

For questions about security and privacy when using Zoom, please visit https://its.mines.edu/zoom-privacy-security/.

For help with Zoom and Zoom Chat, please submit a Mines Help Center support request at http://helpcenter.mines.edu.

Learn more about the Zoom conferencing and chat system here: https://its.mines.edu/zoom/ or visit the Zoom support corporate website.