Microsoft Defender Antivirus Software

Vendor: Microsoft

Supported Operating Systems:  Microsoft Windows

General Description: Antivirus software that automatically or manually scans for viruses, malicious, and/or threatening programs.

Licensing Mechanism: Microsoft Defender is built-in to all versions of Microsoft since Window 8.0. Personally owned Windows computers must have Defender enabled, unless another antivirus package is installed and active. Apple Mac users should acquire an appropriate antivirus package for their computer. Linux users should download the free ClamAV package from their distribution’s repository.

Mines support:  If you have trouble with virus infections, enabling or installing the software, please submit a request at the Mines Help Center.

A note for macOS and Linux users: Though they can (infrequently) be targeted by malware, ITS does not provide antivirus software for macOS or Linux computers. But antivirus programs are still recommended for those machines — if only to scan documents and USB drives coming from Windows computers. Here are some third-party recommendations for the best free and paid antivirus programs available for both Linux and macOS.