How to access departmental shared files –

Online shared files and directories are now available at Previously separate servers used by academic employees (Talon, ADIT Y: Drive) and administrative staff (AdminFS, ADIT I: Drive) are now gathered in one place. Read ahead to see how you can “map” or “mount” online directories to access the files you need.


Accessing your files…

On Windows (ADIT domain) Workstations:

On any Windows workstation joined to the ADIT domain, your shared files should already be mapped and available. You need do nothing more.

Checking files and quota in ADIT

If your shared drive is not mapped automatically, please submit a support request to the Mines Help Center and a technician will take a look.

If your computer is not already joined to the ADIT domain, you can also reach your files manually. See details, below.


On other Windows computers (video):

On other Windows computers (written instructions):

This is based on Windows 10, but it is very similar for Windows 7 and 8.

Start -> File Explorer

Right-click “This PC” -> Map network drive

Select drive letter Y

Type \\files\shared on the “Folder” box

Check “Reconnect at sign-in”

If you’re not an a PC that is joined to the ADIT domain, check “Connect using different credentials”

Click Finish

Enter ADIT\username (substituting your user name)

Enter your password

Check “Remember my credentials”

Click OK

On a Mac (video):


On a Mac (written instructions):

Click anywhere on the desktop to make sure you have the Finder menu on the menu bar

Click on Go

Click on “Connect to Server”

Type smb://files/shared on Server Address

Click the plus (+) symbol

Click on Connect

Once the credentials dialog pops up, type adit\username (substituting your username) for Name

Type in your password

Check the “Remember this password in my keychain” checkbox

Click Connect