Protect Yourself

Recognize Cybersecurity Attacks

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Secure Yourself

  • Do you suffer from security fatigue? Here’s an interesting article from the National Institute of Standards and Technology.
  • Use a PIN or passphrase to access your phone and make sure your phone has encryption turned on.
  • Don’t share your passwords with anyone else.
  • Never reuse passwords – different site/service, different password.
  • Use a password vault application to manage all your unique passwords.

Take a look at this article about password managers.

See here for “free” password manager reviews.

See here for “pay for” password manager reviews.

To choose between “free” and “paid for” password managers, ask yourself: How comfortable are you with new software? (Free can have a slightly larger learning-curve.) How much integration do you want? (If you want to be able to synchronize your passwords across your workstations, phones, tablets, and laptops, paid for are often better choices out-of-the-box.)

  • Never click through unknown links.


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Challenge Yourself





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Inform Yourself

  • Why would anyone go after me? I don’t think I’m that important. Think again …
  • Do you keep adequate backups of your most important or treasured data? For more reasons why you really should backup all your data: Look at this brief article about backups and recovery. Look at this article about ransomware.