Document Management

OnBase is a document management system, designed to centralize your documents in one unified location.

Document handling in OnBase

In an effort to support a “document-centric” environment within OnBase, below are some helpful reminders and tips on best practices with your documents.

Multi-page documents

Documents that are comprised of multiple pages are expected to have all pages indexed at the same time. Having a document that consists of multiple file formats are to be treated as individual documents. This approach adheres to best practices as recommended for OnBase and ensures future documents can be leveraged with workflows.

Page handling within a document
  • Removing blank or unnecessary pages that are scanned in should be removed during the time of scanning or indexing.
  • Appending one or more pages to the document is not supported.
  • Reordering pages is recommended prior or during the indexing process.
  • Once a document is indexed, the order of the pages is preserved as is.
  • If pages need to be removed from a PDF, it is recommended that you remove the pages prior to indexing the document into OnBase.

Certain documents are submitted to workflows shortly after they are indexed into the system. This allows requirement fulfillment, checklists to be completed, or even approvals for forms.


OnBase is a workflow system, automating business processes across campus.

Workflows currently live
  1. Registrar Grade Change automates the faculties current process for a students’ grade to be changed (increased). This workflow utilizes a customized, secure, electronic form that receives/updates Banner data and includes notifications.
  2. Financial Aid Checklist which provides a secure web form for students to upload financial aid documents into OnBase. This workflow verifies the checklist requirements are met and once approved or rejected updates Banner, this drastically reduces the manual work of scanning and tracking documents.


End User Training for OnBase is scheduled by department to provide specific training for each area.

The location for all of the dates is Alderson Hall, Room 240.

Email its_aa_team@mines.edu to reserve your spot.

  • No upcoming training sessions currently scheduled

Login to OnBase


  • Accessing OnBase via Trailhead has the same basic functionality as the client.
  • Mac and Linux users will need to access OnBase via Trailhead.
  • OnBase Workflows and Forms can be accessed via Trailhead or the desktop client.


Internet Explorer is required for this Installation
Desktop Client is required for Scanning



Project Contacts

If there is a current project for new Document Types or Workflows, please contact your Project Manager via the Mines Help Center.