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What’s happening in Information and Technology Solutions (ITS)? This is the place to be if you want to be in the know! Watch for communications from our CIO, newsletters, and a twitter feed!

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CIO Updates

25 Jan 2021 (11 am -noon) :: ITS Roadshow

Curious about ITS? Join the upcoming RoadShow to learn more ITS's first RoadShow will take place on January 25 at 11 a.m. -- come ask questions! The Office of CIO is launching a quarterly forum to highlight ITS services offered, showcase new tools, and most...

Enhanced Microsoft Exchange Email Security

ITS Delivers Enhanced Microsoft Exchange Email Security Dear Mines Microsoft Exchange Users, Recognizing that 75% of cybersecurity breaches are a result from a phishing attack mostly through email, ITS continues to work to protect and safeguard our email systems. To...

New, Faster VPN

Mines has a new, faster VPN system you can download today ITS has upgraded and renamed the system used to access on-campus resources remotely. The new system, called ras.mines.edu, replaces vpn.mines.edu and can support 20 times the load of the old system (up to 2,000...

Zoom Pro Site Licenses Now Available for Faculty, Students and Staff  

As of last night (Wednesday, March 18), ITS can now provide a “licensed” (sometimes called Pro) Zoom account for all Mines users. ITS immediately upgraded all existing basic accounts to licensed accounts. To prevent the need for IT to upgrade on a per-request basis,...

Desktops Going Home

During this ‘virtual university mode’ event, if you make the decision to take your desktop computer home, please contact ITS beforehand.  ITS needs to prepare it for you prior to it leaving campus.  We need to ensure you aren’t using one of our static IP addresses and...

Monthly ITS Lunch & Learn Topics

4th Friday of the month @ noon

  • Feb 2021 – Self-Awareness in the Workplace
  • Mar 2021 – Common Workplace Challenges
  • Apr 2021 – Vendor Data Breaches
  • Jun 2021 – Get to know ITS groups, summary of what they do, TDX domain, etc.
  • Jun 2021 – Guided open session where we swap efficiency tips/stories/strategies
  • Jul 2021 – Review ITS portfolio and discuss business value of our systems and the goals/directions for future
  • Jul 2021 – Teleworking effectively
  • Aug 2021 – Infrastructure direction – cloud migrations
  • Aug 2021 – Networking – how Wi-Fi works, LANs/WANs, switches, firewalls, etc.
  • Sept 2021 – How to set up Grouper for automating deprovisioning accounts in other enterprise applications
  • Sep 2021 – User provisioning/deprovisioning process
  • Oct 2021 – Lessons learned on past hacking attacks or other advanced information security trainings
  • Oct 2021 – Cybersecurity Awareness in October
  • Nov 2021 – ITS Website – how to request changes, stakeholder feedback
  • Nov 2021 – Web design for accessibility
  • Dec 2021 – TDX Metrics, Reporting, Dashboarding
  • Dec 2021 – Academic Technology – what’s new?
  • Jan 2022 – TDX Project Management Training
  • Feb 2022 – GIT (code hosting platform for version control and collaboration) – How to presentation
  • Feb 2022 – Best practices/standards for Confluence
  • Mar 2022 – Research Computing/HPC: High-Level overview of what we do

News Posts

ITS Newsletter

This is Mines Information & Technology Solutions newsletter for students, faculty, and staff. Each issue contains detailed updates on exciting new and ongoing projects from Information & Technology Solutions (ITS), and provides an in-depth look at the information infrastructure and services that help empower Mines community members to be successful.