Guest WiFi/VPN Access

The Colorado School of Mines provides temporary guest access to the main campus wireless (WiFi) and VPN networks in cases of legitimate need; in special circumstances wired guest access is available.  To protect both Mines and minor guests, network access cannot be provided to minors without written consent to their parent or guardian.  Please contact ITS (303) 384-2345 if you would like to arrange for network access to minors.

Internet Web (off campus) Browsing Only

For web browsing, email, and VPN access only, the guest simply needs to connect to wireless network CSMguest and enter their email address in the Guest User email field.

Main Campus Network Registered Guest Access

If the guest needs full network access, e.g. a secure connection (SSH) to an on or off campus resource, a member of the Mines community must sponsor the guest, and agree to take responsibility for their guest’s use of the network.  The request can be made here: Typically it’s an Academic Department member who sponsors a guest. The Mines community member must also provide a technical contact who will be the guest’s point of contact for any technical problems that may arise.  Once we have processed your request we will contact the sponsor and provide a username and password which the guest can use on the “Mines-guest” wireless network (or Mines main campus wired network in special circumstances.)

VPN Guest Access

If you wish to sponsor a VPN guest, please download and fill out the VPN Authorization Form (also available in PDF format). Please return the completed form to the ITS networking department at fax 303-273-3475 or at least one week prior to your guest’s need for VPN access to the Mines Network. Once we have received and processed your request, we will contact the sponsor and provide them with a username and password which the guest can use to connect to https:/ our SSL based VPN.


If you wish to use eduroam, please see the instructions here eduroam.

NOTE: These only provide networking access (eg, Internet, campus wifi, campus VPN and wired network access). For computer account access a campus custom role  (see Custom Role Authorization on or Guest Computer Accounts are needed (see Guest Computer & Network Access).