MSC: IT Starts Here!

MSC Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday   7am – 9 pm
Saturday – Sunday 9am – 4 pm

Phone: 303-384-2345

Make an In-Person Appointment

ITS’s Mines Service Center serves as the first point of contact for Mines students, faculty, and staff who need help with computers and other technology.

DIYers, like to do your own troubleshooting? Check out our self-help information in the Mines Help Center.

2017 staff of the CCIT Technology Support Center

As the new semester approaches, our goal in Information & Technology Solutions (ITS) is to offer the highest level of service while providing a safe and healthy environment for all.  We understand this is a change from our normal inperson support and really look forward to the day when we can provide inperson support at the Mines Service Center and at everyone’s desks. 

To achieve this goal –and comply with current university requirements and public health recommendations –our on-campus IT support services will be modified for fall 2020.  While in-person options are more limited this semester, we have measures in place to ensure that students and employees can get the help they need when they need it.  

What’s new with the MSC?

We have shifted the MSC support and now offer phone and chat to get support you need.  Our phone number has not changed.  Feel free to give us a call during business hours at 303.384.2345.   

You will find Blaster has been made into a bot to help with chat support.  BlasterBot is available 24/7 to answer questions and submit help requests.  During MSC hours of operation, BlasterBot also facilitates live chat support.  

If you need in person support we can setup an appointment to meet you.  Here is the link to request in person service. 

Mines Help Center | Knowledge Base and Service Ticket Submission 

The MHC is full of helpful guides to walk you thru answers commonly asked to ITS.  It is located at 

CT156: Computer Lab 

The CT156 computer lab has been modified to meet social distancing requirements.  The Computer Commons is still accessible 24/7 with a BlasterCard but every other computer has been moved to remote connection capability.  Follow the signs in CT156 to find an open computer or find out more about Labby below. 

Labby: Remote Connection Portal to Lab Computers   

Labby is another helpful site to get into the lab computer on campus to access all the software available in the various lab spaces.  You must be connected to the VPN to be able to see the Labby site.  Here is a knowledgebase that walks you through getting to Labby  

Canvas: 24/7 Support 

Mines students and instructors have access to immediate support from Canvas technicians 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Students: Chat with Canvas Support or Call 1-833-255-1554 

Instructors:Chat with Canvas Support or Call 1-833-291-3239 

LLC: Live Lecture Capture in the Classrooms 

Live Lecture Capture technology is installed in classrooms across campus to provide students with more choices for how to attend lectures. ITS has installed Live Lecture Capture equipment in all classrooms over the summer.  For more information on LLC look at this knowledge base for the quick reference and signage in the classrooms.  

Microsoft Teams: Training  

Every Wednesday from 8 to 9 a.m., ITS is hosting Teams Workshop meetings for Mines staff to learn, test and experiment with Microsoft Teams. The format is open and casual, intended to get us learning and using the basic features. The workshops will focus on chats, meetings and collaboration, but we will also experiment with new features. Each week will focus on different features based on participant questions. We’ll post the week’s agenda in advance of each meeting.  

 Please join us on Wednesdays from 8:00 – 9:00 am. Send an email to to request the invitation. Double-click on the invitation to add it to your calendar. Feel free to join at any time. Bring your questions, tips and tricks! Note: we’ve recently revised the invitation, so if you don’t have it on your calendar, you may need to request a new invitation. 

Outside Wireless Locations: 

Outdoor wireless has been deployed in the following areas on campus for your convenience. 

  • Welcome Center lawn (West side),  
  • Elm patio
  • Area around the Student Center
  • IM Fields  

Laptop Kiosks: Located in Brown and the Library 

ITS has installed two laptop kiosks –one in the library and one in Brown West.  More information coming soon.  

Work in the MSC

Come work with us to help solve tech problems for the Mines community.