Are you ready to work remotely?

Remember, even though you’re working remotely, you’re not alone. If you need help, contact the Mines Help Center.

If you have been directed to relocate your desktop computer home as we begin to work in virtual university mode, your department should monitor and track what equipment is being taken home and report this to ITS for inventory purposes. To be sure you have all of the components you may need please use the computer relocation checklist.

1. Think about the files and applications you’ll need to access from home

  • Zoom video conferencing can be accessed from any web browser.
  • Office 365 applications such as email, calendar, OneDrive and SharePoint can also be accessed online.
  • Talk to your manager; if you think you’ll need access to department shared drives (like your Y: drive on, make sure you have VPN installed, your VPN profile imported, and tested before leaving campus.

2. Ensure that your personal computer is updated and secure

  • If you’re using a personal computer, rather than a Mines-owned computer, you’ll need to take extra steps to make sure your work stays secure. Follow Mines’ Security Practices and Guidelines 

3. Set up a device that you have access to remotely for two-step verification


4. Gather everything else you’ll need to be productive

  • Think about calling into meetings or video conferencing: does your computer have a built-in microphone and speaker? Do you need a headset for your phone? 
  • Don’t forget any important work files or other equipment, like power adapters, that you’ll need to bring home from the office

Download a copy of the remote readiness checklist to refer to.