General Information about Spam

Links to Mines Information & Technology Solutions FAQ’s Regarding Spam

What is spam?

Why is it so difficult to identify spam?

Why do I get so much spam? Does Mines distribute my email address or am I being targeted?

What is the Mines ITS spam policy?

How do I set up spam filtering in my email program?

Still confused. Here’s where you can get technical help. Or browse the “Security, Spam, Viruses” category of the ITS FAQfinder database of frequently asked computer questions.

Spam Management Tips

Be cautious about using unsubscribe options in spam messages you receive. Sometimes the options to get off of a list are legitimate, but other times you are just confirming that your address is real and you might end up receiving more spam.

Create different email addresses through public providers to use for purchasing products, interacting with vendors, mailing lists and newsgroups. Use your primary or personal address, the one that you want to keep long term, for contact with family, friends, and appropriate business associates.

Set up spam filtering and develop a routine for managing and deleting it.

ITS default spam identification and filtering system

How does it work?

What user capabilities will it provide and how do I use them?

Subject line tagging

Quarantine Inbox option – Request a quarantine account at the Mines Help Center.

Enabling/disabling quarantine

Reviewing and managing your quarantined messages

Spam filter option


Changing your password

Initial/default configuration for new quarantine Inbox accounts

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