Mailing Lists and Mail Aliases Rules and Guidelines

Mailing lists are a way to send email messages to list subscribers or groups of users and can be controlled by a moderator or be open to all messages.

Mail aliases provide an alternative email addresses for a group or an individual and can also work as distribution lists for sending email, usually to a small number of addresses.

Group and Mass Mailings

All notices, general announcements, or any other traffic that would have been sent to the previous announce lists should be submitted to the Daily Blast system.  Messages sent to the mandatory lists will be rejected.


Email can be a useful way to communicate with individuals and groups, whether small or large. It is often misused, usually because it is easy to use and perceived to be free. Email is not free; it consumes resources and shifts costs to different areas. Many people consider it to be intrusive and ITS receives many complaints about inappropriate email sent to group lists. One person’s vital information is anothers junk mail, so please use the guidelines below if you are considering sending a mailing to a group list or alias, especially a large one.

Guidelines for Sending Email to Lists and Aliases

Use discretion in sending any message to an email list, whether it is on or off campus!

Mailing lists are not to be used for any commercial or personal advertising, including apartment and house rentals, roommate searches, garage sales, cars, and other items for sale. Campus related job advertising or recruitment is also not permitted.

  • Your first consideration should be whether a mass email is the most appropriate method to communicate your message. Ask yourself if the message is so urgent that everyone on the list must see it, or would want to receive it?
  • If you are sending an email to a large list, limit the size of your message to no more than two sentences and provide a web page address where people can get more information.  This email practice gets a much better response from readers, so improve your chances of getting your message across.
  • All message sent to the ITS maintained lists will be moderated between 3pm and 4pm on regular business days. Messages that are submitted after 3pm on regular business days or at any time during weekend hours will not be moderated until the following business day.  Please plan your posts with this in mind.
  • Avoid sending messages with attachments to mailing lists. Mines ITS mailing lists are configured to limit the size of messages they will accept. A message containing an attachment with a fairly basic MS Word document will likely be rejected. If you must attach a file, it should be a pdf document or basic html, and it must be small.Some systems will refuse attachments because they make your message too big and others may refuse to process attachments for group mailings because they easily spread viruses or consume too many system resources. Many people, rightly, refuse to open attachments that they are not expecting. Others will not be able to read the attachment because they don’t have the correct version or application, like MS Word or MS Excel. Still others choose to use mail readers that don’t process attachments or Operating Systems that are not compatible with MS Windows, like UNIX.  It is very likely that a message posted to a list without any body and only a attachment will be rejected.

Message Posting Rules and Guidelines:

  • Size limit of 500k per single topic post. Any unnecessary pictures and attachments should be avoided.  For large attachments please link to the files via a web page or other location as part of the message body.  Messages over 1.5 megabytes will automatically be rejected by the server.
  • Requests sent to the moderators asking them to send or relay a message will be rejected.  Send your message.  If it is not appropriate or does not meet the guidelines it will be rejected.  We will not send messages for you.
  • Messages containing only attachments such as pictures or word documents without any body text will most likely be rejected.  E-mail clients that do not show picture attachments as inline images will show posts with only image attachments as a blank message.  There must be plain text included in the body of the message and not just attachments.
  • FW: in subject line will not be allowed and will be rejected by automated rules.
  • RE: in subject line will not be allowed and will be rejected by automated rules.
  • Subject should not contain all upper case letters.  Using all upper case letters may be interpreted as screaming by some and should be avoided.
  • The subject should not contain a prefix that may confuse the reader as to what list it was sent to.  Each mail list has it’s own subject prefix that will be prepended when the message is posted to the list. To avoid confusion, messages sent to lists should not have subjects that contain wording which may be misinterpreted as belonging to a mailing list.  Example:  Using a subject of “[CSM Movie Club] Movie tonight” is not permitted, however, the subject “CSM Movie Club – Movie tonight” would be permitted.  Messages that appear to have two or more mailing list prefixes such as “[special-activities] [CSM Movie Club] Movie tonight” often causes confusion to list subscribers as to what list the message was sent to. Multiple subject prefixes have also been known to cause people to think they are subscribed to mailing lists that do not exist.
  • Subject must be detailed and related to the the post. Events must have date posted in the subject line unless it is a multi-day event or schedule.
  • Generic subjects such as “sci-fi club” or “cake bake sale” should not be used and will be rejected.  Use subjects that are descriptive.
  • No responses to posts will be allowed to the list. Send responses to the individual, not to the entire list.
  • One reminder per event or subject is allowed and only 72 hours after the original message was sent.  Only one reminder per event or subject is allowed.  Please post “Reminder” in the subject line otherwise it will be seen as a duplicate post and rejected.
  • No high priority or urgent labelled messages will be accepted.
  • Posting a message to correct a previous mistake may not be allowed. Make sure your original post is accurate before sending.
  • If posting a message to correct a previous post the subject line must contain some indication that the new message is to correct a previous post.  Using correction or update in the subject line is allowed.
  • All “recalls” will be rejected.  A recall will only work with Outlook users.  Recalling a message to others will only cause confusion. Send a e-mail with a correction notice in the subject line instead.
  • Posts will only be allowed if from a or account sent from ITS maintained servers or systems.  Messages from third party systems, servers, or relays will not be allowed.
  • Remote images and content pulled from web sites or other locations will not be permitted.  All images should be self contained within the message being posted and not linked from external sources.
  • Messages sent to announce lists may take 24hrs to be moderated. Additionally, those that are submitted after regular business hours or on weekends will not be moderated until the next business day. Please plan your posts with this in mind.

Current Campus Mailing Lists and Common Aliases / Subscribe and unsubscribe information

  • General campus mailing lists are moderated. Only messages from authorized senders are allowed to post messages to the lists.

Mines employees are added to the appropriate lists as the information is received from Human Resources and other departments. New employees wishing to subscribe to the faculty or staff lists and other optional email lists may do so via the web if they have a Mines e-mail username and password. To subscribe to optional campus email lists, go to Mailman List Info.

If you wish to subscribe through email, send an email message with no subject line, and one of the following lines in the To: field, depending on which list you wish to subscribe to.  Replace the ” [at] ” with the @ symbol and no spaces.  To unsubscribe, send a e-mail to the unsubscribe address instead.


faculty @ (mandatory list)
subscribe e-mail: faculty-subscribe [at]
unsubscribe e-mail:  This is a mandatory list and can not be unsubscribed from

Classified Staff:

classified @ (mandatory list)
subscribe e-mail: classified-subscribe [at]
unsubscribe e-mail:  This is a mandatory list and can not be unsubscribed from
Student only lists:

ugrad @ (mandatory list)
subscribe e-mail: ugrad-subscribe [at]
unsubscribe e-mail: This is a mandatory list and can not be unsubscribed from

grad @ (mandatory list)
subscribe e-mail: grad-subscribe [at]
unsubscribe e-mail: This is a mandatory list and can not be unsubscribed from

You should receive a confirmation message back telling you if your request to subscribe or unsubscribe to the list has succeeded or to confirm the subscription or unsubscription request.  Confirmation may take up to 48 hours.

  • Messages sent to Mailman lists will be queued, waiting for that list administrator to approve before it is sent to the addressees in the list. Criteria used to determine whether or not a message can be sent include:Whether the message is urgent or time critical
    If there are there other ways to communicate the information
    Whether the message, in the judgment of the list administrator, must be seen by all or almost all employees or students on that list.

Other mailing lists and aliases exist for departments, groups, and clubs. Information about those lists is available via the ITS mailman list info page,  your department, organization, or club members.

Departments, programs, and organizations can request mailing lists or aliases by sending a request to postmaster at following the information in Mailman FAQ #3.  Requests that do not contain the information requested in Mailman FAQ #3 will be rejected.

A department faculty or staff member, or organization officer, must agree to manage the requested list. ITS staff, including UXSS staff working in other departments, will not perform this function. Each Mailman list must have at least one valid Mines e-mail address acting as a list administrator.  Lists that do not have this requirement will be disabled without notice.