During this ‘virtual university mode’ event, if you make the decision to take your desktop computer home, please contact ITS beforehand.  ITS needs to prepare it for you prior to it leaving campus.  We need to ensure you aren’t using one of our static IP addresses and make sure that VPN is installed.  If you plan to use wifi at your home, we can provide you with a wifi adapter for the Mines PC.  Also, if you are using an application that requires the use of a static IP address, you will need a new static VPN address.  Please let us know if you are using an application like Area Access Manager or EMS.

This only applies to desktop computers and not laptops.  If you have a Mines owned laptop, you should be ready to go for ‘virtual university mode’.  If you haven’t installed and configured VPN on your laptop, you can find information about installing and configuring it here: