Computing, Communications, and Information Technologies (CCIT) and Mines Communication and Marketing are pleased to announce People (, our new personal-homepage system based on WordPress.

Mines faculty, staff, and students have long been eligible for personal website hosting provided by the university. We’re now expanding that feature to our new, easier-to-use, more-attractive, and more powerful WordPress environment.

All new personal homepages will be based in WordPress. All legacy homepages can be migrated to the new WordPress-based system at any time. Just let us know that you want to make the move (see link, below, for more information).

For personal-homepage customers who have set up elaborate pages with custom code and want to keep their pages as is … tell us more. We’ll work with you on this.

Here’s how to request your new WordPress-based homepage: — bookmark that link for updates concerning the transition to this exciting and powerful new system.

–CCIT Web Team

PS If you already have a Mines personal homepage and would like it to go away, just let us know at and we’ll make it happen quickly. Be sure to backup any important data before contacting CCIT. After a site is deleted it is (for all practical purposes) gone forever.