Change Your Mines MultiPass Password

READ ME FIRST: Here's what might go wrong when you change your password

When you change your MultiPass you may find yourself temporarily locked out of your accounts. Why?
If you are accessing online resources from multiple devices, you must change your stored MultiPass password on all of them. If you fail to do so, they will repeatedly attempt to connect using your old password and this will cause your ADIT account to be locked. After a few minutes it will automatically unlock but then it will lock again, so to you it will look like intermittent lockouts. The intermittent account lockout will continue until you have set the new password on every device where you had set the old password. If you have lockouts after you have changed your password, please open a Mines Help Center “Helpdesk” support request and we’ll help you figure out what’s going on.

The most common causes of this lockout problem are:

  • A device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop) or application (particularly email client such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail) trying to connect to your ADIT/Exchange email account (faculty and staff only)
  • A calendar program trying to synchronize with your ADIT/Exchange calendar (faculty and staff only)
  • Mapping to a shared Windows drive on the Hornet or Talon servers (e.g., your home Z: drive)
  • Mapping to a network printer (e.g., a \\lightning printer)
  • A device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop) trying to connect to eduroam wifi. (preventative tips/solutions)

Laptops and devices from which you login to the ADIT (Windows) domain are less prone to these dangers as many of these connections will receive your new password automatically. However, any device or application has the potential to cause lockouts.

What’s the best way to avoid lockouts? Turn off all but one of your devices, including smartphones, tablets, and home, office, or research computers. Change your password and then update passwords on that device. Turn on your other devices one by one and change passwords as needed on each of them. Plan ahead by being aware of from where you are accessing network resources before changing your password and then update your devices immediately after changing the password.

Your email program may stop downloading or sending new email. Why?
Your current MultiPass is used for the web login at and that should always work fine. But if you access MyMail through an email client like Thunderbird or Apple Mail, you may have difficulties with your IMAP (recommended) or POP password. If you encounter a problem, you can reset your IMAP/POP password at Simply click the Manage Your Account link, log in with MultiPass, then select the option to update your IMAP/POP password. Update the stored password in your email program accordingly.

THEN: Change your Mines MultiPass password

Read on for answers to these frequently-asked questions

What is my Mines MultiPass, anyway?
What services will MultiPass let me access?

What Mines computing services will MultiPass let me access?
If your MultiPass password is synced up and you have access, your MultiPass credentials will allow you to log into the following systems:

  • ADIT (Windows domain computers)
  • Trailhead (the campus portal) LOGIN
  • Linux lab computers
  • MyMail (student email) LOGIN
  • (the student-organization web sites) LOGIN
  • Cayuse (a proposal- and award-management platform) INFO
  • Personal Home Page Creation Tool (create your own web page on Mines servers) INFO | LOGIN
  •  Lon-CAPA (an online learning network) LOGIN
  •  Library Catalog
  • NEW CMS (WordPress) – this will uses your MultiPass as of 21 Aug 2019!
  • VPN (connect to the school’s Virtual Private Network) LOGIN

Note that this is an ever-growing list…

What services do not (yet) use MultiPass?

What Mines computing services do not (yet) use MultiPass?

  • INB, ePrint, ODS (administrative database tools)
  • CMS (the school’s Content Management System for web pages) INFO | “INSIDE” LOGIN

Problems changing passwords? Let us know the particulars via Mines Help Center “Helpdesk” and we’ll help you figure it out.

Why should I change my MultiPass periodically?

Why should I change my MultiPass periodically? (The quick answer: For security reasons, your MultiPass password will expire after 180 days (six months).)

Note: Currently, we ask users not to change passwords with CTL+ALT+DEL on ADIT (Windows) workstations. We are still working to make this operation function properly with MultiPass.

How do I change my MultiPass password?

How do I change my MultiPass password? (The quick answer: Use the link to, above.)

I don't remember my MultiPass password. How do I reset it?

I don’t remember my MultiPass password. How do I change it?

  • If you previously set up account recovery information, you can use the Forgot Your Password link on the Identity Self-Service site ( Depending on the account recovery information that you setup, will be sent an email or text message with a recovery code. Once you have your account recovery code, select the Completed Your Account Recovery link on the Identity Self-Service site.
  • If you don’t have account recovery information set on your account, please drop by or call the ITS Mines Service Center (MSC; CTLM 156; 303-384-2345). This service is available for students when the Computer Commons is staffed by ITS student-consultants (See Computer Commons Hours), and for faculty/staff/affiliates M-F 8am-4pm. (Manual password resets for faculty/staff/affiliates must  be done by a ITS staff member.)
    After you reset your MultiPass password, to set up account recovery information:


    • Go to the Identity Self-Service site (
    • Select Manage Your Account > Change/Update Your Account Recovery Information

Tell me more about my MultiPass!

Your campus username, plus password are known as your MultiPass credentials. When you change your MultiPass password using the new Identity Self-Service system ( it will sync your new password to the campus systems listed above. Other systems are not yet part of the MultiPass network, but we hope to move them to that system over time.

Which Password is my MultiPass Password?

If you are not sure which of the passwords you use is your MultiPass:

  • When computer users first start at Mines, their MultiPass password is/was synced to MultiPass, ADIT, and Trailhead. For people who have been at Mines for many years, their password for the different systems may have gotten out of sync.
  • Students: The password that you use for logging into MyMail via the web, this is your MultiPass password.
  • Faculty & Staff: The password that you use to log into ADIT/Exchange or Trailhead may be your MultiPass password. (Over time, the password for your access to the different systems may have gotten out of sync.)
  • If you reset your MultiPass password now, your new MultiPass password will be synced to MultiPass, ADIT, and Trailhead.
Password Expiration

Password Expiration: In an ongoing effort to enhance the security of our computing and information systems, ITS has implemented an enhanced MultiPass password policy that requires increased password complexity, disallows re-use of passwords, and enforces periodic expiration. To start, ITS will apply the password expiration policy to staggered groups of user accounts starting in February 2016. As we apply the password expiration policy we will notify the affected individuals and will include information to make the password change experience as smooth as possible.Once implemented for your account, your Mines MultiPass password will expire after 180 days (six months), though you may change your password at any time before then.With 180-days (6-month) password expiry cycles, your password will need to be changed at least twice a year. If you want to make your password expire at more convenient times during the year, select the cycle that you prefer and change your password accordingly. For example, you may prefer to change your password before the start of Fall terms, so an early FEB-AUG cycle may work best for you. You may want to avoid changing your password during finals weeks, so you may want to avoid an early MAY-NOV or early JUN-DEC cycle.JAN-JUL
NOTE: If your password expires before you are able to change it, you should still be able to change it by selecting Change Your Password on the Identity Self-Service site ( You will need to authenticate with your current MultiPass password. (Your MultiPass password should be the same password that you use for accessing your email, ADIT, and Trailhead.)

Password Requirements
  • Password Requirements: Your password is unique to you and should not be shared with anyone.You should not use a password that you have used at any other organization. You should not use the same password that you use for your banking, social media, or other personal accounts.When you change your password the Identity Self-Service system will prompt you with the specific requirements (eg, minimum length and required character types).Your Mines MultiPass password must:
    • Contain at least 10 characters
    • Be no more than 32 characters
    • Contain at least one digit (number)
    • Contain at least one lower case letter
    • Contain at least one upper case letter
    • Contain at least one punctuation or special character, such as: ! # % & ( – / . ;
      NOTE: The plus (+) character is not allowed in passwords.
    • NOT contain your name, nickname, or username
    • Your account retains a history of your previous passwords. You may not re-use your 7 most recently used passwords.
      NOTE: Do NOT re-use a password that you previously used on ADIT. This will cause your password reset to fail without warning.
  • Claiming your MultiPass credentials: When you run account claim or change your password for the first time on the Identity Self-Service web site, we strongly advise that you also use the Manage Your Account feature to set up account recovery information — alternate contact information and security questions. If you forget your password later, this will allow you to reset your password without having to visit the Mines Service Center (MSC, formerly the TSC).
  • If you have your password saved on multiple devices or applications, or use MyMail, or have an encrypted school laptop, please read about potential problems, above, before you change your password.
  • MultiPass Integration: We are working to integrate authentication for other Mines systems so you can use your MultiPass credentials to log in. Passwords for INB/ePrint/ODS will most likely be kept separate from MultiPass going forward.
  • If you are unable to log into Identity Self-Service ( with your MultiPass credentials, you will need to visit or call the Mines Service Center (MSC) in the CTLM Computer Commons (CT156, 303-384-2345 or 800-446-9488 x2345). After successfully changing your password there, you will be able to log into this page in the future.
  • For more information on account changes and our new Identity Management System, please see our Account Changes page.

If you have questions or need assistance with any of these issues please submit a Mines Help Center “Helpdesk” support request or visit us in the Mines Service Center, CT156.