ITS’ systems send a warning email notifying you that your password will be expiring in the near future and that you need to change it before the expiry date.

The below message is valid from Mar 20, 2020 on. If this message becomes obsolete (e.g., replaced by a different message), we will add an end date here.


FROM: noreply@mines.edu
SUBJECT: Your Mines _a account password is expiring

Dear *<full name> (OU Admin)

Your “ADIT\username_x” password is expiring at 10/03/2020 10:27:00.

NOTE: This is *NOT* your normal MultiPass account, but rather your account for accessing specialized ADIT resources.

To change the password, please chose one of the following three options, the first option being the easiest:
1. Login to your Mines workstation locally as “ADIT\username_x”, press “CTRL-ALT-DEL”, and choose “Change Password”
2. Alternatively use Microsoft Remote Desktop to connect to a Mines ADIT workstation as “ADIT\username_x” and press “CTRL-ALT-END” and choose “Change Password”. This can be done using the Labby remote computer lab system at (type into your web browser, minus the spaces) “https :// labby . mines . edu”

3. Using ADIT’s SSO system at (type into your web browser, minus the spaces) “https :// adfs . mines . edu / adfs / portal / updatepassword”, enter your username as “ADIT\username_x”

Lastly, if you still need assistance, please put in a service request at the Mines Help Center at (type into your browser, minus the spaces) “https :// helpcenter . mines . edu”, and search for “Reset Password Issue”.

Thank you,

ITS Staff
Information and Technology Solutions
Please verify the authenticity of this official ITS notice by visiting “https :// its . mines . edu / verify”. Remember to always check messages purporting to be from ITS.

If you receive any suspicious messages about your Mines credentials or asking you for sensitive information, please do not click through any links or attempt to reply – report them to ITS, for further investigation, via a Mines Help Center ticket (https :// helpcenter . mines . edu).