Accessing Payroll

Once you have successfully logged into Trailhead (for login help see: Trailhead Login Instructions):

1. click the Self Service icon in the “Go Bar” portion of the screen.

2. click on the Employee tab

3. click on the Pay Information link.

4. click on the Pay Stub link.

5. click the Display button under the year

6. click on the date, (ex: Jan 31, 2013) to display your paystub

When you are through with your pay stub, simply click the ‘Back to Trailhead Tab’ in the upper left portion of the window. When you are through with Trailhead, please click the ‘Log out’ link in the menu row just below the Trailhead logo in the upper left corner to exit Trailhead.

Some items of note:

  • Year to date earnings and deduction information can be viewed by clicking the Earnings History or Deductions History links.