Network Maintenance planned for Saturday, November 20th

Brief Description: ITS will complete scheduled maintenance this Saturday, from 6 am to 9 am. Please plan for **multiple** brief service disruptions.


More information: 

This Saturday, November 20th, from 6 am to 9 am, ITS will be performing maintenance on various parts of our network. There will be **multiple** service disruptions during this time.  

We will be performing:  

  1. Work on the wireless network which may cause brief disruptions to connectivity generally and the Guest WIFI network specifically. 
  2. Work on the physical links to Sorority Houses which will result in a loss of connectivity for both voice and data traffic.   
    NOTE: The outage should be brief but may extend up to half an hour.
  3. Networking upgrades for routers/switches in the CTLM data center.  This may cause brief disruptions of access to certain services. 
  4. Operating system upgrades to numerous data closet switches throughout the campus.  This will cause outages of wired, wireless and voice services lasting 15-45 minutes.