Network Maintenance Saturday, December 19th, 6-9am

Brief Description: From 6-9am this Saturday, there will be multiple network disruptions.

More information: 

This Saturday, December 19th, from 6-9am, ITS will be performing maintenance on multiple aspects of the Mines network. Wireless, voice, and data services will be intermittently available during this window and VPN will be completely unavailable during the maintenance window. More specifically, please take note of the following:

  • Wireless Network — There will be one or more outages of the wireless network during the maintenance window.
  • Voice and Data Services – There may be brief outages of voice and data services while we work on connections between buildings.
  • VPN maintenance – & will be unavailable during the entire window of 6-9am.
  • Mines Data Center – Although we are NOT modifying the network in the data center, services provided by those systems may be temporarily unavailable during the maintenance window.

If you have questions, please contact Mines Help Center at 303-384-2345 or put in a ticket at